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Tornado IconTornado alerts from the National Weather Service are issued by counties. The campus will only issue a UT Alert for a tornado warning if the main campus is included in the warning area. An alert in Knox County does not automatically indicate a threat to campus.

If a Tornado Warning is in Effect for Campus

  • It is best to stay indoors if you’re already in a sturdy building.
  • Warn others to seek shelter.
  • Shelter in a designated severe weather shelter OR locate an interior space as low in the building as possible that doesn’t have windows. Ideally, the space should have two exits. The best available shelter in UT buildings is designated on building signs located near elevators and exits.
  • Protect your head and neck with a bike helmet or cover your head with a sturdy object like a text book.
  • Get under a sturdy piece of furniture if available.
  • Close the doors and stay inside until the tornado has passed. An All Clear UT Alert will be issued when the immediate threat has passed.
  • Continue to monitor for campus updates and monitor local media and/or National Weather Service.
  • If you are outdoors and shelter is not available, find a ditch or low spot where you can lie down.

If a Tornado Touches Down on Campus

  • After the tornado has passed, exit damaged buildings and go to a safe location.
  • Report your condition and location to emergency personnel or some other official. If trapped, bang on something to make noise rather than yelling for help.

RECONNECT LogoSelf-report for Tracking

  • Attempt to contact your immediate family. (It is good practice to designate a common point of contact that your family and friends know to call.)
  • Provide information to university officials for rosters upon request.
  • Register on the emergency database (RECONNECT) designed to share information in an emergency.
  • If you’re unable to register online, call the university safe line at 865-656-7233 to be added to the database.