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Building Emergency Preparedness Coordinators

The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Program is an effort to connect the campus emergency planning and response with the campus community. The goal is to train some people in basic emergency response actions who know the building and occupants and can act as a resource and liaison to the students, faculty, and staff who frequent that facility.

The two most basic responses are to shelter or evacuate. Each building has designated shelter areas and evacuation assembly points that are listed on signs found near the elevators and exits. These are summarized for campus in the Building-Evac-Shelter-List.

Find the zone of the building you’re interested in and visit the Building Coordinators Contact List to find your building’s EP Coordinator.

Learn more about being an Emergency Preparedness Sector Coordinator.

For more information about the emergency preparedness coordinator program, please contact Ian Sinclair in the Office of Emergency Management at 865-974-3061.